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Endless Battle was created in 2009 a.y.p.s. by Dusk (vocal, bass, guitars) & Severoth (drums, keyboards).

In winter 2010 a.y.p.s. was recorded "From the Thicket of Times...", wich was released in 2011 by Polish label Werewolf Promotion.

In 2011 a.y.p.s. Nort (early known as member of Khors & Nagual) joins the division, and band starts concert activity.

In end of 2012 a.y.p.s. was recorded promo-track "Summoning The Old Winds".
It downloads to the internet as a preview to LP.

In winter 2012-spring 2013 a.y.p.s. was recorded first Long Play "Brotherhood Of Hate",
and then released by Werewolf Promotion and Ancient Nation in winter 2013.

Under october fullmoon of 2013 the new battle saga was created. It tooks name "On The Paths Of The Abyss" and take the darkness in the midsummer of 2015 a.y.p.s.

Among the war, hate and plenty live rituals the third strike "Roots of All Evil" has been blown at the end of 2016 a.y.p.s. with Werewolf Promotion label.

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